Celebrating the 13th Wedding Anniversary With Lovely Gifts

Unlucky for some, there is still no excuse for not celebrating your loved ones’ 13th wedding anniversary with the giving of lovely gifts. Every anniversary year brings another reason for celebration and so when your friends or family members’ 13th year of marriage comes around, you should take the time to source something that they will really cherish for a lifetime as a memorable memento of this happy moment in their lives together. There are many inspirational gift ideas that you can select from to give your loved ones the 13 year anniversary gift they truly deserve and that conveys your esteem for the happy couple on this important date. Opt for something that will perfectly fit your loved ones’ tastes, whether that be a gift made from traditional materials, a contemporary choice of present, something featuring the classic gemstones for this anniversary year or even a floral gift. With all the different options open to you, there are no rules that you have to follow, simply go with your instincts and choose a gift, or even combine ideas to produce a 13th wedding anniversary gift that will be truly appreciated by the recipients.

The Traditional 13th Anniversary Gift

13th anniversary for luckAs with most other anniversary years, there is, unsurprisingly, a traditional material associated with the 13th wedding anniversary and this is lace. Lace holds a special and symbolic meaning that is especially relevant to a couple entering their 14th year of marriage. Lace is an extremely complex fabric, especially when made by hand in the traditional fashioned. An art with an ancient history, lace making dates back to at least the 16th century and is a beautiful and elegantly decorative material. The effort put into producing a piece of pretty lace reflects the effort that must be put in by a couple into maintaining and preserving the success of their marriage. They must always strive to keep the individual strands of their life entwined and strong just like those of the lace fabric. Also, the pattern of lace is often unique and intricate, just like the union between two people. No two marriages are the same and often the way that they work can be quite unfathomable to strangers, and yet somehow the pair work together to create a thing of beauty that endures forever. If you wish to give a traditional lace 13 year wedding anniversary gift, the best option is a beautifully crafted lace tablecloth to grace the couple’s dining table and to be used for special occasions throughout the year. Every time the couple see your gift, you will be brought fondly to mind and your message of love and appreciation will be remembered. Alternatively, for a more personal 13th anniversary gift for her, why not give a lovely item of clothing that features this lovely fabric, such as a lace blouse or scarf with a lacy pattern?

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Contemporary Alternatives for the Traditional 13th Anniversary Gifts

Lace isn’t necessarily the best gift choice for every couple as it may not suit their particular tastes. If that is the case, there is a modern alternative that has been suggested. In the contemporary lists which assign a particular theme or material to every year of marriage, the 13th wedding anniversary is associated with textiles and furs. This gives you a lot more options when it comes to choosing anniversary presents for your loved ones. For example, you could choose stylish homewares made from beautiful textiles or faux fur fabrics, such as warm and cosy throws made from fake animal furs that will make an evening watching TV on the couch a comfortable experiencel, or luxurious cushions for the living room or bedroom. Alternatively fur garments would be a relevant and appropriate choice, for example a coat with a fur trimmed hood, fur trimmed boots, a fur hat or fur trimmed gloves are all perfect suggestions for 13 year anniversary gifts for your loved ones.

Floral Suggestions for the Perfect 13th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Blue Pendant Wedding Anniversary GiftFlowers are a great idea for anyone to give for the 13th wedding anniversary, or indeed for any other marital year. There are so many different types of blossoms to choose from that you are sure to be able to put together an impressive bouquet that will delight your loved ones at this special moment in their lives together. One of the most popular floral ideas for a wedding anniversary is to give a gift that features the traditional flower for the specific anniversary year and for the 13th wedding anniversary, this flower is the chrysanthemum. An especially beautiful flower, it has a special meaning when given on the 13th wedding anniversary as it symbolises fidelity, loveliness, long life, joy and wealth. There can be few better sentiments to wish upon your loved ones on the occasion of their 13th wedding anniversary than longevity, riches and happiness and of course, a marriage that has lasted 13 years must revel in the faithfulness between the couple. Alternatively, roses are often chosen as an appropriate anniversary gift for any year. This is because they represent love, beauty and true appreciation for the recipients, and their impressive radiance brings cheer and light into the lives of your loved ones on this important day. For a gift of a rose that brings its luminous beauty to life for all eternity, why not choose a splendid Eternity Rose? Each flower has been picked by hand and preserved in a complex and intricate glazing process to ensure that its magnificence endures for a lifetime. Made by talented craftsmen, every bloom undergoes a three month long process, during which it is coated in a lovely glaze and then trimmed with pure 24 karat gold. It is then placed in a prestigious leather presentation case, ready for display as a one of a kind artwork to be appreciated and admired forever by the recipients. There can be no better lasting memento of the 13th wedding anniversary than one of these stunning flowers.