Give 18th Wedding Anniversary Gifts With Style

Only two years away from two decades of marriage, it is easy to see why the 18th wedding anniversary may be forgotten or glossed over as a less important marital year, but don’t allow the occasion to pass your loved ones by without reminding them of how much they mean to you. An anniversary is always a good time to demonstrate your affection and esteem for friends and family members by choosing a special gift that will mean something special to the recipients. Whether a traditional choice or something with a more modern appeal, there are countless exciting suggestion that you can select from when you are looking for something appropriate to surprise the happy couple, and here you can discover some unusual yet perfect 18 year anniversary gifts that will help the occasion to be celebrated in style.

Give a Traditional Eighteenth Anniversary Gift

Tradition is often the key to selecting a gift that is certain to be meaningful and significant. When it comes to selecting an anniversary present for your loved ones, often one of the primary concerns is to find something that will be a lasting memento while still being a token that can be cherished and appreciated. While some anniversary years are well known for their traditional symbol or theme, such as the 50th wedding anniversary which is always associated with gold or the 25th with its links to silver, the 18th anniversary is not well known for its traditional theme. However there is a traditional material associated with this year, with its own symbolic meaning for the couple which makes a gift that incorporated this idea especially relevant. 18 years of marriage is traditionally celebrated by giving a gift of feathers, which represent the lightness and agility within the union. After 18 happy years together, a couple have learned to fly in tandem and have the freedom to take wing together and soar into the future.

peacock feathersAlthough feathers may not immediately lend themselves to inspiring eighteenth wedding anniversary gift ideas, in fact if you think laterally there are all kinds of exciting suggestions to take into account. Feather themed jewellery is an ideal 18th anniversary gift for her, whether using actual feathers in beautiful colours to make pretty necklaces or earrings or using symbolic feather imagery in gold or silver precious metals. Alternatively, give a really personal present by handcrafting a bespoke photo frame for your loved ones to showcase a favourite photo, using pretty feathers glued to a plain base. Or go for a functional gift of homewares that embrace the traditional marital year theme with a present of a pair of feather pillows or a quilt.

Bird Themed 18 Year Anniversary Gifts

For a different take on the theme of feathers linked with the 18th year of marriage, why not opt for birds as your inspiration for 18th wedding anniversary gifts? Choose a piece of artwork, whether a photograph, painting or piece of metal wall art that depicts birds as an adornment for the marital home or go for a pretty sculpture or ornament of a bird that will look pretty on any mantelpiece. A bird table would be a lasting gift that will look perfect in any outdoor space, attracting birds for many years to come, or surprise your loved ones with stylish home textiles such as cushions or bedding which feature bird imagery in its pattern.

Modern Alternatives for the 18th Anniversary Gift

Red matched rose and jewelry set in heart themeModern couples may appreciate a present from the contemporary list of alternatives for the eighteenth wedding anniversary, namely porcelain. Beautiful, yet functional, a porcelain tea set or set of serving dishes is sure to be appreciated by the happy couple who will get many years of use from your thoughtful gift. Choose a pretty porcelain vase or a trinket box or even a personalised presentation plate, inscribed with the names and anniversary date of the couple for an added personal touch to this anniversary year.

Cats Eye Jewellery Gifts for Couples

As with many other anniversary years, the 18th wedding anniversary has its own associated gemstone, the cats eye. With its grey green or gold green appearance, this unusual stone is very striking and makes a lovely jewellery 18th anniversary gift for her. Cats eye jewellery also has a deeper significance because of the gemstone’s traditional meaning. Associated with protection from harm, cats eye is also said to improve the relationship between two people, making them ever closer and with a deeper understanding of each other. What better sentiments to wish on the occasion of the 18th wedding anniversary than for the happy pair to achieve even greater closeness over the years to come?

18th Wedding Anniversary Gifts With a Floral Theme

natural blue glazed rose giftAll years of marriage are often celebrated by giving the couple in question a beautiful bouquet of flowers and no wonder, as there are so many beautiful choices to select from that it is easy to choose something that truly expresses the depth of sentiment behind the giving of the gift to the recipients. While some anniversaries have a traditional flower associated with them, the 18th wedding anniversary does not have a specific blossom linked with it, however the colour blue is the traditional hue for the this marital year and this would make a perfect floral theme for a spectacular arrangement. Choose from an array of blue blooms such as hydrangeas, delphiniums, hyacinths and irises to make a fresh, hand tied bouquet that will really impress your loved ones, or go for a blue flower that will last a lifetime as a testament to their enduring love.

A blue glazed Eternity Rose would be an ideal way to show the happy couple how much they are appreciated. Made from a single handpicked natural rose blossom, this work of art is crafted by hand into a treasured memento by talented artists with a fine trim of 24 karat gold. This luxurious token will never fail to impress and will lend an air of magnificence to the marital home for years to come.