Give Rubies for your 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Any occasion can be made special by finding the right kind of gift, and a 40th wedding anniversary is no different. Choosing the best 40th wedding anniversary gifts can be a bit of a challenge, but is definitely worth the effort, whether the recipient is your wife or husband, a couple of friends or family members. A fortieth wedding anniversary is not a common occurance so it’s worth pushing the boat out and enjoying the celebration. As a couple you should make a big thing of this important milestone and even consider inviting family and friends to join in the festivities.

The internet has opened up the gift giving experience, and you no longer have to be content with some generic anniversary gift you found at the mall. Now gift givers can choose from a wide variety of items from all over the world. And even if you pick a gift from the other side of the globe it can be delivered to your door in just a few days. There are no rules to follow when it comes to choosing anniversary gifts, the only boundaries are the taste, style and preferences of the celebrating couple. There are a couple of lists you can use for inspiration, both modern and traditional anniversary themes, but for a fiftieth wedding anniversary both use the ruby.

So what is there on offer if you’re looking for 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas?

Inspiring ideas for 40th anniversary gifts

congratulations on your ruby wedding anniversaryNow that you know it’s what the couple would like that is most important it’s time for us to take a look at some of your options. We’ve already mentioned that the ruby is the theme for both modern and traditional 40th anniversary gifts, which is actually quite unusual. Generally anniversary themes tend to be different, but for a fiftieth anniversary it’s the same. But this does make your gift challenge a little easier.

Rubies are a beautiful gemstone and great if you’re looking for a fortieth anniversary gift for a man or a lady. Any woman would be proud to wear an item of jewellery that contains a ruby and there’s cufflinks or tie pins for the men. Rubies however, aren’t the cheapest of jewels so you might want to consider another option. Of course there is no hard and fast rule that says you have to follow the theme. If you’re one half of a couple soon to be celebrating why not head off on a dream vacation? You could always buy something new for the home. What about the latest BBQ you’re husband’s been longing to purchase, or some new furniture or give the kitchen a makeover. Your kids have left home, or they should’ve by now, so you’ve only got yourselves to think about and you can do things just how you both want.

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40th anniversary gift ideas for family and friends

When you’ve got a couple of friends or family members who will soon be celebrating their wedding anniversary you’ve got lots of 40th anniversary gift ideas to choose from. But in order to lift your gift out of the generic and mundane you’re going to need to be a bit creative. Every couple will love the gift of a photograph, particularly if it shows a special moment in their life, such as their wedding day. But they might have a few photo frames lying around by now so time to put a collection together in an album or scrapbook. Speak to other friends and family members and you’ll be able to include a varied selection.

The internet has also made it possible for even the most amateur film-maker to create a video timeline of a person’s life. It is also a great way to make a compilation of congratulatory messages and send it to the happy couple on their anniversary. Why not pool funds with some of the couple’s other friends or family and send them off on a trip? Give them coupons for a shopping spree at their favourite store. The most important consideration is the couple’s taste. Always bear this in mind and you won’t go far wrong.

Tips on choosing the most perfect fortieth wedding anniversary gift

When a couple gets married they often create a gift registry to help wedding guests find the right kind of gift. This doesn’t happen for anniversaries and gift givers are kind of left to their own devices. So when it comes to 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas it’s all down to the imagination of the person giving the gift. And there are no hard and fast rules to follow so that leaves your choices wide open. How about we give you a few pointers of the things you should consider so you don’t find yourself all at sea?

gold dipped cardsThe age of the couple
As it’s a fortieth wedding anniversary that’s being celebrated we think it safe to assume that they are both in the mature age bracket. Because of this a 40th wedding anniversary gift should be respectful and appropriate.

Your relationship with the couple
The relationship you have with the couple is important. Kids of the couple will be able to get away with far more kooky gifts, and so will good friends. If, however, you are distant relations or not particularly close friends, your gift might have to be more generic.

The true value of your gift
Of course we’re not talking here about monetary value, as you’ll often read on this site that the cost of the item is not what’s important. By value we’re referring to the thought and meaning behind the gift, and whether the gift is going to be used or just left at the back of a cupboard. After all where’s the value in that?

A 40th wedding anniversary is an important time for any couple. Such a special occasion should be marked with a celebration that should always include the exchanging of gifts. Anniversary presents should be offered as a sign of appreciation and love. The choice of gifts is wide and varied but a 40th anniversary gift should always be suitable and respectable.