Finding Unique 58 Year Anniversary Gifts

As this anniversary occasion is only 2 years from the huge milestone of the 60th anniversary, it is no wonder that the 58th wedding anniversary is often allowed to pass without a great deal of attention or celebration. Yet if your friends or relatives have successfully passed so many happy years together, it is still time to assist them with their celebrations, helping them to remember a lifetime of special memories shared over a 58 year marriage by giving them a 58th wedding anniversary gift that is not only memorable but also heartfelt. Although we are all aware that we should demonstrate our appreciation and admiration for our loved ones all year round, often we forget to reaffirm our love for our relatives or friends. On the day of their 58th anniversary, you should take the opportunity to show your esteem by giving a 58th anniversary gift that brings with it a message of care and love.

Are There Any Traditional 58 Year Anniversary Gifts Customs or Themes?

58 anniversary wedding gift
Although the golden wedding anniversary at 50 years of marriage and the 60th diamond anniversary have their own special themes and symbols, only the 55th anniversary in between has its own particular material. This means that if you are looking for an appropriate 58 year anniversary gift you will not be able to take inspiration from tradition. Although this may worry you, you should instead see it as a liberation, leaving you free to choose a gift that is meaningful and that truly comes from the heart. With no obligation to buy an expensive traditional gemstone gift, you can instead focus on selecting a token of esteem that is heart warming and significant to the recipients, ensuring that they will receive something that they can treasure all their lives as a memorable reminder of the happiness of this time.

Green glazed rose

Light-Green Natural Rose

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Silver-dipped rose

Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

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Gold-dipped rose

Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Floral 58 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

No matter which year is being celebrated, you can rest assured that flowers are always one of the top choices. There is a good reason for this, as floral gifts are not only always appreciated but are a gift that will never be dull because of the huge breadth of floral varieties that you can pick from. Although there are several marital years which have a link to a particular colour or variety of flower, the 58th wedding anniversary has no such links and so you can choose any bouquet that you feel will match your loved ones’ tastes, encompassing their favourite types and shades. There is certain to be an arrangement or display that will look amazing in their home and that holds a special meaning for the couple. Why not consider replicating their wedding bouquet for an added bespoke touch? While a cut flower bouquet only lasts a few days, there is a way to give a floral gift that can last a lifetime. It is hard to beat the natural splendour of nature, so why not choose a natural rose blossom that has been perfectly preserved at its point of perfection? Picked by hand in its prime, each flower is coated in an intricate fine glaze and is trimmed with purest 24 karat gold. The result is a unique thing of beauty that will be cherished forever, perfectly reflecting the esteem in which you hold the recipients.

Jewelry 58 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her and for Him

Red matched rose and jewelry set in heart themeWhen you are looking for 58th wedding anniversary gifts that are personal for each partner, jewellery is one of the best possible choices. Any man who cares about his appearance is sure to love the gift of sophisticated cufflinks that are personalised with his initials. If you are searching for the ideal 58 year anniversary gift for her, she is sure to delight in receiving a stunning pendant which has been fashioned from genuine miniature rose petals that have been preserved in a luxurious glaze and trimmed with fine 24 karat gold. For added luxury, why not give a matching pair of miniature rose earrings that are studded with sparkling synthetic diamonds?

Choosing Unusual 58 Year Anniversary Gifts

There are times when only a truly unique will do, and if you want something really out of the ordinary to give your loved ones on this special occasion, you could always present them with a token of esteem that you have made yourself. If you have artistic skills, you could paint a portrait of the pair for them to hang in their living room, or you could even produce a collage of photographs that showcase all the happiest memories of their long successful marriage. If you can cook, why not make some delightful homemade foodie treats for the lucky pair? Chocolate truffles, hand baked cookies or even a gorgeous homemade celebration cake are all perfect fifty eighth anniversary gifts. If you are lacking the skills or time to create something for the couple yourself, why not arrange an out of the ordinary experience for the two to enjoy. A ride in a limousine around town, experiencing the celebrity lifestyle, a night in a luxury hotel, a candlelit dinner at a gourmet restaurant or even something exhilarating like a helicopter buzz flight are all perfect ideas that will give your friends or relatives something truly special to remember on this important event.

Personalised 58 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

anniversary cakeOne of the best ways to celebrate an important occasion like the 58th wedding anniversary is to give a bespoke personalised gift to the couple. There are so many different types to choose from that there is certain to be something that will touch their hearts. For example, an embroidered cushion or pair of towels is a popular choice, while engraved glasses or decanters are an attractive and practical option. Or why not choose a handpainted commemorative plate or plaque to adorn the marital home, reminding them of these happy times? You could even give the pair an engraved photograph frame, holding an image of the pair on their wedding day.