Choosing a Luxury 49th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Special Couples

With just one year remaining until the huge marital milestone of the golden wedding anniversary at 50 years of happy marriage, many couples give the 49th anniversary a miss, yet it is precisely at this time that you should be demonstrating to your loved ones just how special they are and how important the achievement of their long lasting marriage is. Convey your true sentiments of appreciation and esteem by presenting the happy couple with a gift that is not only thoughtful but also truly meaningful. Whether you opt for the symbolism of a traditional token or whether you go for something a little more contemporary, you can be sure that there are inspiring ideas here that will be perfect as an enduring and special 49 year anniversary gift that will impress and delight.

The Tradition of Luxury 49th Anniversary Gifts

49 wedding anniversary giftsWhen the original gift lists were created during the 1920s, it is hardly surprising that the 49th anniversary was omitted, together with all of the other marital years which were not recogised milestones. It was not until many years later that the importance of celebrating every year was realised and a new list was created matching a theme, material or symbol with all of the years that had been missed from the original listings. 49 years of marriage was given a rather special theme as it is so close to the golden wedding, the theme of luxury goods. Rewarding the pair for their long and successful union, there is a wide scope of 49 year anniversary gifts which can be encompassed by this theme. This ensures that you will be able to choose something that perfectly fits the recipients’ tastes and which will set them up for the important year to come on the milestone of the golden wedding.

Blue glazed pendant and earrings

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White glazed rose earrings

White Glazed Rose Earrings

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Green glazed rose

Light-Green Natural Rose

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Inspiring Ideas for Luxury Forty Ninth Anniversary Gifts

Before making a choice of which type of luxury gift to buy your loved ones on their special day, it is important to think first about their tastes and their interests. Although many things are classed as luxury goods, you do not want to make an expensive mistake by choosing something that, no matter how luxurious, is unlikely to be appreciated. Here are some popular choices to help you make a decision.

Luxury Watches

A high quality designer brand watch is sure to be appreciated by most long-married couples. Choose a matching pair, one for each partner, and perhaps have their initials and anniversary date engraved on the back for a more personal touch.

Luxury Food

chokolate strawberries giftThere are few things more wonderful and indulgent than gourmet food, so why not arrange for a luxury food hamper to be delivered to the special pair on their big day. Opt for a delicious wine and cheese basket, a handmade chocolate selection, or even a mix of gourmet treats from all over the world.

Luxury Pampering

Why not arrange a spa day as the ideal forty nine year anniversary gift for him and for her. A couples massage session is a perfect treat, allowing the pair to reconnect and to enjoy some special time together.

Luxury Experiences

Give your loved ones a taste of the celebrity lifestyle by arranging a private limousine ride around town, a romantic private hot air balloon champagne breakfast, or even a helicopter buzz flight over some local landmarks. What better way to spend a special occasion?

Luxury Dining

Arrange a special dinner at a gourmet restaurant for the happy pair to enjoy on their anniversary. With a delicious meal and plenty of champagne, the pair will have many happy memories to recall in the years to come.

anniversary travelLuxury Travel

If you want to treat your loved ones to a 49th wedding anniversary gift to remember, why not book them a dream luxury vacation? A weekend being pampered in a five star hotel, or perhaps a cruise would be a fantastic way to mark the occasion and would perfectly reflect the traditional theme of this anniversary year.

Luxury Jewellery

There are few gifts more luxurious than jewellery, so whether you are choosing a luxury 49 year anniversary gift for her or for him, there is bound to be a stunning jewellery item to suit. Whether you opt for the luxury of an intricate gold or silver piece, or choose the encrusted splendour of a gemstone studded item, you can be sure that your 49th anniversary gift for him or her is sure to impress. Why not choose a gorgeous pair of synthetic diamond decorated earrings, made by hand from genuine miniature rose petals? With their lavish 24 karat gold detailing, they beautifully embody the traditional luxury theme of the anniversary occasion.
gold rose gift

Luxury Flowers

Flowers are not only a traditional anniversary token of esteem and appreciation, but they are also one of the mot beautiful ways to remind the pair of how much they are cared for. Roses are naturally exquisite and bring with them a message of devotion and romance, making them the obvious luxury choice for celebrating couples. Orchids are another wonderful option as they are the traditional flower for the 49th anniversary year. Known for their luxurious nature, they are incredibly beautiful and would make an impressive display to surprise the pair on their special day.

Luxury Ornaments

No matter which anniversary is being celebrated, it is traditional to give the couple something for their home. After being married for 49 years, it is unlikely that there are any practical items remaining that your loved ones require, but ornamental homewares are sure to be much appreciated, while making an enduring memento of this special occasion. A glazed Eternity Rose is the perfect luxury decorative forty ninth anniversary gift to present to your loved ones. Made by hand from a single hand picked rose blossom, each flower is encased in a splendid glaze and is trimmed with pure 24 karat gold. When presented in its luxurious display case, it is a magnificent reminder of the happiness of this precious time in the couple’s lives.