Choosing an Ideal 46h Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Loved Ones

After the milestone of the 45th wedding anniversary, many couples prefer to keep the next year’s celebrations low key, yet no matter how quiet your loved ones would like their anniversary to be, it is still a great opportunity to remind them of how much they are respected, admired and cared for by all around them. Take the time to show your friends or relatives how special it is to have been married for such a long time and surprise them with a memorable and thoughtful gift that truly reveals the deepest sentiments of your heart. There are many wonderful 46 year anniversary gift ideas that you can incorporate into your choice of present on this special occasion, so whether you opt for the traditional theme, or go for something a little more unusual, there is bound to be a token of esteem that your loved ones will genuinely appreciate.

Is There a Traditional 46th Anniversary Gift?

flowersThe 25th anniversary is famous all over the world for its connection to silver, and the golden wedding at 50 happily married years is celebrated across the globe, however when it comes to the less well known years, such as the 46th anniversary, the themes are often not popularly acknowledged. That does not mean that there are no themes associated with these non-milestone years. In fact, the 46th wedding anniversary has its own symbol of poetry, signifying the romance and beauty of a long married couple’s relationship after so many successful years together. Although this may seem like a strange idea as a forty six year anniversary gift, there are many ways that you can incorporate this theme into your chosen present for your friends or relatives.

Giving a Poetry Forty Sixth Anniversary Gift

While poetry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is easy to see how it is well known for its romance and beauty. There are several ways in which you can capture the essence of this anniversary idea in your choice of 46th wedding anniversary gift depending on the tastes of your loved ones. Are the couple keen readers? In which case, a book of poetry or an anthology of classic poems would be the perfect offering to mark this anniversary occasion. If not, then perhaps a decorative poetry gift would be in order. By choosing a few lines of romantic poetry and framing them in an attractive and personalised frame with the couple’s names and anniversary date, you can create a relevant and memorable token of appreciation which will look beautiful in any room of the marital home. If you have a talent for writing poetry, of course, why not pen your own verses as an ode to your loved ones and their long lasting marriage and present it to the couple on their special day.

Gemstone 46th Anniversary Gifts for Special Couples

pearls and flowersThere is a gemstone connected with the 46 year anniversary, which you may find more appropriate than a poetry offering. The pearl is sometimes given as an alternative on the 46th year of marriage and is an elegant and sophisticated way to give a lasting and commemorative token with which to mark the day. Pearls are beautiful and luxurious, available in a choice of styles and colours, so whether you opt for natural or synthetic pearls, there is sure to be a jewellery item to suit. Pearls come in all shades from white to pink and from grey to black, and also in a range of shapes including round, teardrop and oval. A gorgeous pearl bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings would be the perfect 46th wedding anniversary gift for her, while a well crafted pair of pearl cufflinks might be the ideal forty six year anniversary gift for him.

Other Ideas for 46 Year Anniversary Gifts

In other countries of the world, there are different gifts given to celebrate each anniversary occasion, and you may want to consider one of these as an appropriate way to mark your loved ones’ special day. In parts of Europe, lavender is traditionally given as a forty sixth wedding anniversary gift, so why not incorporate this as part of your present? Either some luxury bath products which contain lavender aromatherapy oil, lavender perfume, a jar of gourmet lavender honey, or even a box of stylish lavender drawer scenters would make a lovely 46th anniversary gift for her or him.

Floral 46th Anniversary Gift Ideas

a gift for eternity
Opting for a floral gift is a perfect way to help your loved ones to celebrate their anniversary. No matter which blossoms you choose, there is no finer way to brighten their day and to remind them of the esteem in which they are held. There are so many gorgeous blooms to select from that you could either go with this year’s traditional variety, the daffodil, to add an extra layer of meaning, or simply go for whichever styles and colour you think the recipients would prefer. The daffodil comes with a number of symbolic meanings, including clarity, beauty and femininity. It also signifies rebirth and reminds the couple to bring new things into their relationship with every passing year and to face each day in their marriage with new enthusiasm and joy. Roses are often the flower of choice for anniversary couples, as they have an exquisite beauty and an air of romance that is hard to beat. Give your loved ones a 46th wedding anniversary gift that will combine the splendour of a rose with the beauty of an ornament by presenting them with a glazed Eternity Rose. Spectacular and artistic, each blossom has been picked by hand in its prime and then intricately glazed by skilled artists so that it forms a unique and enduring thing of beauty. Finished with a pure 24 karat gold trim, it is a magnificent adornment for any display cabinet, especially when presented in its own prestigious leather case. What better way to show your true sentiments for your loved ones at this special time in their lives?