Finding a Perfect 53 Year Anniversary Gift for Your Loved Ones

The 53rd wedding anniversary may not be a major milestone, but it is nevertheless just as important to celebrate as any key marital year. The achievement of any couple who have reached their 53rd year together cannot be underestimated, so you should always take the opportunity to show your friends or relatives who are celebrating this special event how much they are admired and appreciated. What better way to convey those sentiments than by giving them a thoughtful and memorable gift which will demonstrate the depths of your sentiments, wishing the pair good fortune in the future and best wishes for many more happily married years. Take the time to find a 53rd wedding anniversary gift that is truly significant and that is certain to be appreciated, and find some inspiration from these helpful suggestions.

Traditional Ideas for 53rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

gold dipped cardsIn the original gift lists linking themes and materials with each anniversary occasion, the 53rd wedding anniversary, unsurprisingly, was omitted. This list focused only on the key milestone years, such as the first 10 years of a couple’s life together with every fifth year thereafter. Other years were not believed to be signficant enough to be highlighted for special attention, and it was not until later years that the importance of acknowledging every marital year was recognised. These, more contemporary lists, were aimed at the tastes of modern couples and assigned a specific theme or symbol to each and every one, including the 53rd. 53 years of marriage was then assigned the theme of romantic getaways, the perfect way for a couple who have spent so long together to really reconnect and to spend some quality time in each other’s company, remembering why they fell in love so many years ago.

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Arranging a Romantic Getaway for Your Loved Ones

If you would like to embrace this traditional theme for your loved ones’ 53 year anniversary gift, you should think about the tastes and interests of the couple. Perhaps you can afford to splash out on an extravagant dream holiday for the pair – perhaps a trip to Europe or the Far East that they have always dreamed of, or an exotic cruise to a destination that they have always wanted to see. However, if your budget cannot accommodate, there are other, less costly romantic getaways that your loved ones are sure to enjoy just as much. A weekend city break provides the couple with the ideal opportunity to spend some time sightseeing and exploring famous landmarks, while a few nights in a spa resort is the perfect way to get away from it all and just relax. Why not arrange for a special night in a five star luxury hotel for your loved ones on the day of their anniversary. They can enjoy a romantic candlelit meal and enjoy a taste of the highlife, creating memories that they will enjoy recalling for many years to come. A romantic getaway need not necessarily be a vacation – simply arranging for the pair to spend a few special hours together away from the reality of their everyday lives is a perfect gift. Why not prepare a gourmet picnic for them to enjoy in a romantic spot, or visit their home to prepare them a special dinner for two that they can enjoy? A truly special way to commemorate the 53rd wedding anniversary is to arrange for the couple to go to a place that is close to their hearts, perhaps the place where they met or the destination that they visited on their honeymoon so many years ago. What better way for the couple to reminisce about the happy times they have shared over the years while still forming many more delightful memories.

Other Ideas for Fifty Third Anniversary Gifts

Although there is no traditional gemstone linked with the 53rd anniversary year, there are some other traditions from around the globe that you may wish to incorporate into your chosen fifty three year anniversary gift for your loved ones. In France, the cherry is the traditional 53rd wedding anniversary gift, so why not embrace this theme in your choice of present for your friends or relatives? A box of chocolate dipped cherries is a wonderfully romantic gift for the pair to share, or you could present the couple with a decorative item for their home featuring this theme, such as a piece of art or some textiles with a cherry pattern. One way to reflect this theme in a special way is to give the couple a cherry tree to plant in their garden. This lovely fifty third wedding annivresary gift is the ultimate enduring gift, growing and thriving over the years to come, just like the couple’s love.

Floral 53rd Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Fifty Third Anniversary GiftsAlthough flowers are one of the top choices to give as a gift for any anniversary occasion, that does not make them any the less impressive. Flowers are a popular option precisely because of their magnificent and extravagant nature, and no matter which varieties you choose, you can be certain that a gorgeous bouquet of blooms will brighten the lives of the recipients, reminding them in a clear way of just how much they are cared for. Roses are probably the most frequently chosen flower because they perfectly convey a message of love and devotion as well as perfectly reflecting the beauty of a long lasting marriage. There is, however, one even better way to capture the essence of the enduring nature of the couple’s love, and that is by surprising them with a luxurious gift that combines the natural splendour of roses with the spectacular elegance of an ornament. The glazed Eternity Rose is an opulent and lavish token of esteem, made by hand by skilled craftsmen. Fashioned into a unique work of art, each bloom is intricately glazed and trimmed with purest 24 karat gold before being presented in its own prestigious high quality leather case. Your loved ones will take pride in displaying this exquisite gift which will recall the giver to mind time and again over the years to come.