Choosing an Ideal 44th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Loved Ones

As the 44th year of marriage is not a well known or much celebrated milestone, it is all too often that we allow the occasion to slip by without making a big deal or celebrating with our loved ones. However, no matter how low key you keep the celebration, it is still important to show your heartfelt sentiments and your appreciation for your friends or relatives on the occasion of their anniversary. A marriage which lasts for 44 years is a rare gift and should be highlighted and given the attention that it deserves, especially in this modern era of short-lived marriages and easy divorce. Help your loved ones commemorate their love for each other with a special and memorable gift that is as thoughtful as it is appreciated. Here you can find some inspiring ideas to include in your loved ones’ 44th aniversary gift.

What is the Traditional 44 Year Anniversary Gift?

While everyone instantly connects the 25th wedding anniversary with the theme of silver, and the golden wedding anniversary is famous all the over the world at 50 years of marriage, the 44th wedding anniversary has no such well known symbol. Originally omitted from the gift list of milestone years drawn up in the 1920s, it was not until later times that it was assigned its own special symbol. Nevertheless, gift givers should be aware that there certainly is a symbol associated with this marital year, and that theme is groceries. Although this may sound strange, in fact it wonderfully reflects the way that the couple have provided for each other over the last 44 years, nourishing each other with their love and devotion.

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Giving a Groceries Themed Forty Four Year Anniversary Gift

Forty Four Year AnniversaryGroceries may seem to be a bit of an unusual theme for a wedding anniversary, especially for a couple who have been married for such a long time, but there are several ways in which you can bring a new and exciting twist to this 44 year anniversary gift idea. If your loved ones have a favourite food store, a gift card, loaded up with funds will enable them to shop to their heart’s content, or why not arrange for a delivery of all their favourite food items from a luxury food store that they would never normally use? A food hamper is a perfect option to reflect the symbolic nature of this anniversary, and there are so many different ones to choose from, including seasonal goods, cheese and wine, handmade chocolates, organic treats or luxury and gourmet items from all over the world. There is sure to be something that suits the tastes of the recipients and that they will love to sample. As a fun grocery themed forty four year anniversary gift for your loved ones, why not ask them to choose a few favourite ingredients and then cook them a special romantic meal for two in their own home. They can enjoy dining in comfort, knowing that someone special to them has prepared their dinner with love and care. What a personal and heartfelt way to commemorate the occasion.

Grocery Themed Gifts for the Home

kitchen set for wedding anniversaryRather than buying actual groceries for your loved ones, why not take the theme to its natural conclusion and give them some lovely home or kitchenwares for the preparation and serving of food? A high quality set of kitchen knives, some stylish cookware or some new pans would be a lovely and practical way to celebrate the occasion, while a new set of plates, some attractive place mats or even a beautifully crafted fruit bowl would be perfect as a surprise for your loved ones at this special time.

Unusual Ideas for 44 Year Anniversary Gifts

As groceries are the theme of the 44th marital year, why not bring an unusual twist to this symbolism? Instead of giving actual groceries, choose decorative items for the home based around food items. For example, a beautiful ornamental display of glass fruit would be an attractive and yet entirely relevant token of appreciation on this special occasion, or perhaps a painting for their walls which features a fruit theme. If your loved ones like fun and novelty gifts, perhaps an item of clothing or an accessory which features a food related item may be a clever way to capture the essence of the anniversary, for example a key fob in the shape of an ice cream cone, a burger shaped fridge magnet, or even a pair of earrings in the shape of lollipops which would be an unusual forty fourth anniversary gift for her.

great wedding anniversary gift - golden rose

Floral 44 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

If giving a gift with a grocery them just doesn’t appeal on this special occasion, why not go for a tried and tested present instead? Every couple loves to receive a floral gift on their anniversary, and what better way to reveal your heartfelt sentiments of admiration and esteem than by giving an exquisite and beautiful floral display? While some marital years do have their own traditional flower variety, the 44th anniversary is not one of those years, so you can feel liberated to choose all of your loved ones’ favourite blooms and colours. From wild and dramatic arrangement to single sophisticated varieties, there is something to suit every recipient at your local florists. Or, for a floral gift that has all the appeal of a natural blossom but will endure as lifelong memento of the couple’s love, why not give a stunning glazed Eternity Rose? Every single flower is entirely unique as it is made from a handpicked natural rose blossom, skilfully crafted into a work of art by talented craftsmen. Plucked at the height of its perfection, each flower is beautifully glazed and then trimmed with purest 24 karat gold before being placed into its own stylish leather case, ready to form the focal point of the happy couple’s home. Could there be a more impressive and thoughtful way to show your loved ones how much you care?