A 20 Year Anniversary Gift that Will Make Them Go Wow!

Now that you’ve reached two decades of married life together you must be feeling that you’re a bit of an expert at finding the perfect anniversary gift for your lovely wife. Surely you’re not getting a little hot under the collar with your 20th anniversary around the corner. We’re pretty certain that you’re starting to get a little worried, otherwise why would you be here on this page? Don’t worry though because you’re not alone. Hundreds, if not thousands of couples struggle with the anniversary gift conundrum every year, which is exactly why we’ve set up this gift site. To help all those couples who just need a little assistance in finding the right direction, and to make every wedding anniversary a success.

20th wedding anniversaryYou might have decided to mark this anniversary with a party, inviting all your family and friends. In which case all the trinkets and ornaments will be taken care of, leaving you with the task of finding meaningful and personal 20th wedding anniversary gifts. A 20th wedding anniversary is the chance to show each other how much you still care, and how you’re both proud to have reached such a milestone, as well as a way to look forward to the years to come. Your gift should symbolize the never ending love you share and the timeless quality of your marriage. As you may already know there are two lists that associate certain themes with each passing year. The traditional theme for a 20th anniversary gift is china, while the modern theme is platinum. The flower associated with this particular anniversary is a lily, while the gemstone is the beautiful emerald.

That’s the themes sorted, so how about we conjure up some 20th anniversary gift ideas.

Platinum-dipped natural Rose

Platinum-Dipped Natural Rose

  • A stunning natural rose.
  • Supplied with its own elegant display case in PU leather.
  • Boasts a glorious lustrous mirror finish.
Price: $199.00 Buy it!
Silver-dipped rose

Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

  • A real rose with a fine coating of pure silver.
  • The silver finish is bright and lustrous.
  • The rose is ideal to express your everlasting love.
Price: $179.00 Buy it!
Gold-dipped poker cards

Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • A playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • Presented in an elegant high quality case made from cherry-wood.
  • The deck is produced to tournament grade standards.
Price: $199.00 Buy it!

Beautiful, delicate yet resilient – 20th anniversary gifts made of china

China is an excellent theme for a 20th anniversary. It has a certain beauty, while being very delicate at the same time as being resilient. After 20 years we think that your marriage will be the same. It has stood the test of time, 20 years of ups and downs and it’s still going strong. Think about your grandparents family heirloom of a china dinner service and you’ll understand the significance. You might be thinking that it isn’t a very romantic choice and it certainly doesn’t conjure up thoughts of love. Take a little inspiration from some our ideas, use your imagination and your wife is going to be impressed with your choice.

  • Send your loving wife a bouquet of porcelain flowers, handmade to look like the real thing
  • Add another place setting to your wedding china dinner service
  • A china or porcelain anniversary plate, personalized with your own particular wedding date and names
  • A photo frame made of porcelain complete with a photo of the pair of you
  • Two special place settings for your anniversary dinner at home, meaningful enough to be brought out for subsequent anniversary celebrations
  • A Chinese bonsai – while not strictly made of china, we did suggest you thought a little out of the box
  • Take your wife on the trip of a lifetime and discover the wonders of China

A more modern 20 year anniversary gift theme – platinum

platinum roseYou always have the option of choosing some platinum jewellery for your wife but we think we’ve found something even better. A single rose bloom dipped in platinum. Created by the gift experts at Eternity Rose, this gift will last a lifetime and far beyond. Each bloom is handpicked at the height of its beauty and carefully dipped in the precious metal. The stem can be engraved with some romantic words and the gift will be exquisite enough to be passed down through future generations. An everlasting memorial to the years of married life you spent together.
Also on offer are:

  • An anniversary ring – Exchange rings on this momentous occasion, perhaps at the same time as renewing your vows. They come in lots of different styles so you’re sure to find something that suits both your tastes. Add an engraving and this 20th anniversary gift will be even more special.
  • A set of cufflinks – Your husband will adore this 20 year anniversary gift, especially if he gets to wear them to your anniversary party or out to dinner.
  • Platinum coins – If your partner is already a coin collector then a platinum coin will be the perfect addition, as well as meeting the requirements for the modern anniversary theme.
  • Tableware – You could kill two theme birds with one gift so to speak, with the gift of a china or porcelain dinner service that has been trimmed with platinum.

The chance to go overboard or up in the air with your 20th anniversary gift

We’ve already touched on this suggestion but it’s too good not to mention again. For the gift to beat all 20th anniversary gifts hands down, take yourselves off on the holiday of a lifetime. You might need to book more than a couple of weeks off work, as there is so much to enjoy in the country of China. However, we think it’s well worth a visit. It’s likely that you won’t get to see it all, so book another holiday for your next anniversary.

If you aren’t able to commit to such a hefty expense there is always a Chinatown area you can visit in a Canadian city. Or simply order in a Chinese meal. Not quite the same as a holiday. but at least you put some thought into your gift.

One final choice if you’re planning to go a little off the traditional or modern paths is a series of martial arts lessons, especially if your husband is a Jet Li or Jackie Chan fan and always saying how he’d love to learn some of their moves.

That should be enough ideas for 20th wedding anniversary gifts to get your creative juices flowing and save you from the more humdrum anniversary gifts that are always available. Every wedding anniversary is special and deserves to be given some extra thought, so make this year another one that goes down in the history books for both of you.